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General Information 基本概况

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(NUAA)was established in October 1952. After more than fifty years of development,NUAA has evolved from a teaching-oriented university to a research-oriented university. Currently administrated by the Commission of National Defense,Science,Technology and Industry,NUAA is a national key university that focuses on science and engineering. It enjoys a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines in modern engineering and technology,management sciences,natural sciences,humanities and social sciences with the characteristics of aeronautics,astronautics and civil aviation. In 1996,NUAA successfully entered the“Project 211”and in 2000,it was authorized by the Ministry of Education to establish the graduate school.


NUAA has two campuses,namely Minggugong Campus and Jiangjunlu Campus,covering an area of 187 hectares with a building floor space of 720 000 square meters. The library has a collection of over 2. 96 million volumes.

学校现有明故宫和将军路两个校区,占地面积187公顷,建筑面积72万平方米,图书馆馆藏文献2%万余册(其中印刷型文献163. 66万册,电子文献133万册)。

NUAA consists of 12 colleges and 68 research institutes. Up to now NUAA has set up 51 laboratories including 1 National Key Laboratory,9 ministerial Key Laboratories,1 National Teaching Base for Electrical Engineering and Electronics.


NUAA offers a wide range of programs including 41 undergraduate programs,10 doctor programs in the first level,52 doctor programs in the second level,127 master programs and 9 post-doctoral research stations. There are 3 national key disciplines( Aircraft Design,Mechanical Engineering&Automation,and Engineering Mechanics),8 ministerial key disciplines( Fluid Mechanics,Tele-Communication&Information systems,Technology of Micro Air Vehicles,etc ),7 provincial key disciplines(Mechanical Engineering &Automation,Aerospace Propulsion Theory&Engineering,Navigation Guidance &Control,Power Electronics & Power Transmission,Computer Technology &Application).


Now the total number of registered students is 24 500. Among them 14 800 are undergraduates,3 700 postgraduates,111 overseas students and 5 900 parttime students.

现有全日制在校生2 4500人,其中水科生14 8U0人.研究生3 70U人,留学生111人;另有非全日制各类学生5 900人

NUAA has a staff of 2 839,among whom 1 398 are full-time faculty members and researchers,182 Ph. D. supervisors.226 full professors,31:+ associate professots. Among the full professors,there are 2 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences,8 aca}J}micians of both Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering、3 members of the Subject Assessment Division,Degree Appraisal Committee of the State Council,21 national or provincia0, young and middleage experts with outstanding contributions,3 professors invited on“Cheungkong Scholars Program",1 awarded the honor of“Outstanding College lecturers",8 teachers selected by national“Millions of Talents program",10 recipients of“Cross Century Talents Foundation" under the Ministry of Education,33 teachers selected by Jiangsu Province in "333 Talents Project" and 49 in“Qinglan Project",and 133 experts enjoying government special allowance.

学校现有教职工2 839人,其中专任教师1 398人,博十生导师182人,教授226人,副教授314人。教授中有中国科学院院上2人.双聘院士8人,国务院学位委员会学科评议组成员3人,国家级、省部级有突出贡献中青年专家21人,‘长江学者奖励计划”特聘教授3人,教育部首届高等一羊校教学名师奖获得者一人,人选国家“百千万人才中程”8人、教育部“跨世纪优秀人才“计划”10人、江苏省" 333人才工程"33人、“青蓝工程”49人,享受政府特殊津贴专家133人。

Since the reform and opening-up,NUAA has sped up its management reform with more support from the central and local governments. It has cooperated with the Headquarters of the General Staff, the General Equipment Commission,various armed force and military industries,as well as CAAC and its subsidiaries. At the same time,NUAA has maintained ciase ties with more than 50 overseas universities and enterprises. Based on all these,NUAA has fonred a new pattern of development with special focus on national defense.


Turning from a teaching-oriented university to a researci}-oriented university,NUAA decides to implement the strategy of“relying on faculty and students,giving full play to potentials,highlighting feature,accelerating development".Faced with new challenge and opportunities and motivated by the motto of“cooperation,economical,practical and creative",the administration,faculty and students are determined to build NUAA into a first-class,research-oriented university with its characteristic of national defense.


Glorious History 历史变迁

1952 Nanjing Academy of Aeronautics Technoloty,the predecessor of NUAA,was founded.


1956 The Academy was renamed Nanjing Aeronautics Institute.


1993 Nanjing Aeronautics Institute was renamed Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.





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